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In the world of furniture design, balancing storage space and aesthetics is important. Introducing the Slim Drawer Series,  include S50A Dream Box Metal Side-Low DrawerS50B Dream Box Glass Side-Medium Drawer, and S51 Ultra Slim Drawer-High Drawer

Slim Drawer Series

S50A Dream Box Metal Side Drawer

Featuring a 13mm metal side for exceptional strength and a clean, seamless appearance without a bottom edge connection. Its powder painting finish offers strong corrosion resistance. Enjoy the perfect drawer box system with the 4D adjustment feature.

slim drawer

S50B Dream Box Glass Side Drawer

This drawer with a 8mm tempered glass side panel with LED light, brighten up your drawer. Its clip on and fast release function allow for convenient side panel changes. And the 4D adjustment ensure perfect installation.

drawer box system

S51 Ultra Slim Drawer Box

Equipped with a 1.2mm ultra-slim side panel and a reinforcing rib design. This combination maximizes storage space while enhancing strength and loading capacity. Additionally, for added customization, an optional aluminum back panel is available. Enjoy the convenience of easy assembly with this drawer.

Slim Drawer Series

Ultra-Slim Drawer Side Design, Much Larger Storage Space

The Ultra- slim drawer side design of our drawer Box Series provides a much larger storage space compared to traditional drawers. Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to efficient organization.
slim drawer

Easy to Open and Close, Soft and Smooth Movement

With our high-quality drawer slides, opening and closing the drawers is convenient. 

drawer box system

Full Extension Design

The Dream Box Series features a full extension design. This allows for easy access to the entire drawer, making it effortless to pick up and store. The synchronized full extension under-mount slide ensures an invisible and elegant appearance.
Slim Drawer Series

Strong and Durable

Durability is a key factor when it comes to furniture hardware. Our Slim Drawer Series is with a loading capacity of 35kg and a durability rating of 50000 cycles. 

slim drawer

Decorative Cover, Invisible Screw Hole

We understand the importance of aesthetics in furniture design. That's why our Dream Box Series design with a decorative cover and invisible screw holes, giving your furniture a more elegant and neat looking.

drawer box system

Upgrade your furniture with the Slim Drawer Series from Tutti Hardware.  With easy installation and a wide range of features, these drawers are the perfect choice to improve your home, and office. Choose Tutti Hardware to provide stylish, durable, and functional furniture hardware solutions.

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