7 Key Advantages of Tutti H105 2-Way Small Angle Soft Closing Hinge


7 key advantages of Tutti H105 Two Way Small Angle Soft Closing Hinge

H105 2-way small angle soft closing hinge

Looking for a reliable hinge that fits your door size perfectly and is easy to install? Tutti hardware new launch H105 2-way small angle soft closing hinge! This versatile hinge is compatible with both thick and thin door panels, making it a great choice for any requirment.

Apply to 15-28mm door thickness

Different thickness of doors need to match different hinges, and ordinary hinges installed on thick doors are prone to the problem of opening and closing. H105 hinge achieve universal thickness and thin door panels, a wider range of application. One hinge suitable for various door thickness. Easy to fit whole house cabinet doors.  

2-way soft closing

2-way soft closing design

The new buffering structure also brings  a brand-new experience of 2-way soft opening and closing. The 2-way soft closing design is aimed at meeting the demand for the door panel to not rebound and not damage the cabinet. The elasticity automatically opens to a larger angle, making it convenient for retrieving items.>45° free stop   <45°soft closing. Effective protection for side panel and hinges.

soft closing hinge

5°small angle soft closing 

By opening at a small angle of 5 degrees, the damping mechanism is triggered, eliminating concerns about the loud noise when closing slightly opened cabinet doors and prevention of hand pinching, taking care of every moment of your home

H105 2-way small angle soft closing hinge

3d adjustment , convenient installation

H105 equip with cam plate and 3d adjustment functions. Coverage adjustment range +2~-4mm,

Depth adjustment +4~-2mm, Height adjustment ±2mm. Adjust more smoothly and efficiently.

 2-way soft closing

Muiltple-Layer protection, strong rust-and-corrosion resistance

Once the hinge rusts, it will affect the performance and life of the cabinet. H105 is made of high quality cold rolled steel as the base material, protect with copper plate, titanium coating and anti-oxidation coating.

Under multi-layer protection, the H105 hinge has superior rust-and-corrosion resistance, and can be used stably in a temperature between -30℃to C-80℃, and the salt spray test reaches level 9 in 96H. Suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom and other home environment.

 soft closing hinge

Advanced damping technology

The H105 hinge not only with a stylish design but also have exceptional performance. Advanced damping technology ensures a smooth and silent opening and closing motion.

H105 2-way small angle soft closing hinge

Stable and Reliable: 50000-cycledurability test

The H105 hinge has passed a rigorous durability test of 50,000 cycles, ensuring its stability and reliability. It can withstand repeated opening and closing motions without compromising its quality or performance.

2-way soft closing

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