Choosing the Right Partition Door System for Your Home


Choosing the Right Partition Door System for Your Home: A Guide to Different Types of Partition Doors

Partition Door have gained popularity due to their advantages of having no down rail design, easy cleaning, and aesthetic appeal. If you're looking to choose the perfect partition door system for your home, it's essential to understand the different types available and their suitability for various home applications. Let's explore the classifications of  partition doors and the key points to consider when selecting one.

Types of partition Doors:


Double soft closing sliding system:

Both opening and closing motions are equipped with soft closing damper, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

Compared to traditional doors with down rail, double soft closing doors prevent the risk of damaging the door frame and reduce noise. This type offers the highest versatility for different applications.


Synthetic linkage sliding system:

When one door is pulled, all doors in the same direction move simultaneously.

Synthetic linkage sliding systems are commonly used in kitchens, as the overlapping design allows for a minimum of 30% additional space compared to traditional doors systems.

 Partition Door System

Incongruous linkage sliding system:

Pulling one side of the door make the opposite side to move simultaneously.

Incongruous linkage sliding system are ideal for dividing large spaces. By adding electric components, they become more convenient and intelligent, allowing for automatic opening and closing with minimal effort.

 Partition Door

Considerations for Installation:


Structural Load Capacity:

The top structure must be able to support the weight of the partition doors.

It's important to ensure that the overhead support can handle the load to avoid any safety risks.


Even Installation Surface:

The installation surface for the track must be completely flat and level.

A smooth and even installation surface is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the partition doors.

Choosing the right partition door system for your home involves considering the specific requirements and desired functionalities. Whether you opt for Double soft closing sliding system, Synthetic linkage sliding system, Incongruous linkage sliding system, or even an Electric option, each type offers unique benefits. Additionally, paying attention to installation details, such as load capacity and surface evenness, ensures a successful and safe installation. 

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