S50 Slim Double Wall Drawer


Drawer is the most commonly used stuff in home storage, Tutti S50 slim box  perfectly combines function and beautiful slim lines appearance and enjoys three types overall, including S50A, S50B and S50C. S50A tandem box is equipped with ultra slim side panel, which is 13mm only, greatly make full use of drawer space room. S50B is a tandem box with glass panel, and it looks super elegant and decorate your room in a distinctive way, S50C tandem box features LED light, making your kitchen warm, and making your time in the kitchen enjoyable.

Different from common 3D adjustment, Tutti S50 slim double wall drawer has 3D+tilt adjustment, a total 4D adjustment. Innovative glass clip-on fast release structure makes it flexible to change glass patterns as you like. No bottom edge inside a drawer, premium metal box drawer in an excellent experience. 

S50 is pretty popular as its competitive price but good quality, with three types included, S50 can greatly meet daily needs. For more information, please visit our website:www.tuttihardware.com

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