Team Work-Monthly Skill Training


Familiar all details about your product first, before selling to your client.

Monthly skill training in the Second season and our sales team have been studying and practicing the new product all week!

Skilled assembling the new product is significant to TUTTI, installing the soft closing under the mounted slide onto the drawer.

Also, TUTTI's new drawer box S50 (drawer box with LED light) is being on testing by the sales team.

We have running this training program since 2010, which helps the team quickly react to the technical issues of the new items and improve the after-sales service.

Through this program, TUTTI gains a highly skilled service team that fits our high-speed development needs. Some products knowledge were imparted to help every Tutti people become a talent in this field! from basic parameter to after-sales service, to learn a product from every aspects, and Tutti is willing to see the stuff can have his own insights about the products, and share the opinion with others! All this is to cultivate talent in a short time, moreover, can greatly meet the customers' needs, solve their problems accurately and timely.

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